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I’m pleased to inform you that the Hispanic Yellow Pages has transitioned to an online directory with the 2016 edition. After 27 years successfully printing yellow pages directories for the Hispanic market, we will no longer print a paper directory and will transition exclusively to this online directory: www.hispanicyellow.com. The reasons are many, but in brief, most Hispanics have easy and ready access to the internet via their computers and/or their smart phones. The increased cost of printing and distributing a paper directory are simply too high.
The good news for you as an advertiser is that advertising on the internet is generally less expensive than advertising in print; and you get to reach a much larger number of Hispanics as the internet is not limited to the number of copies printed or the geographic area of distribution. It is generally available to all with access to the internet.
We are working very hard to make www.hispanicyellow.com as successful as our printed products over the past 27 years. We will work hard to bring our users of the printed products over the years to this on-line directory; and to add many more users who are looking for the same products and services of particular interest to the Hispanic market. We currently get excellent results for Spanish searches on Google for many of the categories in which we have clients. This will continue to improve as we focus our attention exclusively online. Our goal is to be the #1 search results for Spanish searches on Google in your area. So our end user does not have to go to www.hispanicyellow.com first, they can simply go to Google (or any other major search engine) and search in Spanish. And remember, we are just getting started EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE, so the results will improve as we focus on the online directory and work with our advertisers to optimize their key words and phrases for the Spanish market.
Please take a look at the website and join us as we transition to this online directory. It is an excellent way for you to reach this rapidly growing market at a very reasonable cost. Should you have any questions, please call me directly at: 1-800-420-8000. Or email us  at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you very much.
Hector Torres

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